Are you having problems paying your rent and keeping on top of bills? Are you worried about your tenancy, and the possibility of eviction?

We realise that sometimes circumstances change and despite the best intentions, you may have fallen behind with your rental payments. Maybe you are having problems with a neighbour, are unwell and struggling to maintain your home. You may have recently become unemployed, are caring for a family member or are not aware of the Government benefits you are entitled to claim.

We are a working party of community and government services in the Macarthur area with links to many other services that can help you manage your finances and save your tenancy.

We can help you with:

  • Accessing crisis payments if you are behind in your rent
  • Emergency help such as household goods
  • Getting help in managing your money better
  • Linking you with a range of services that could help you, such as finding work and family support
  • Information about Centrelink benefits, and making sure you are receiving  all your entitlements, such as rent assistance
  • Help in applying for public housing

What you need to do

Your Real Estate Agent will provide you with a simple form asking for consent to pass your contact details onto us. We will then contact you, assess your situation and see what services are available to help. All information is private, and your details will only be shared with service providers with your consent.

We want to know if this service helps you

  • Your information will only be used for referral to services that provide assistance
  • In order to know if we are making a difference and saving tenancies we will  be collecting information about the type of referrals made. This information will be statistical only – and absolutely no personal information will be used.