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Evicting tenants can be costly, lengthy and complicated. By utilizing our service, experienced community services practitioners can assist tenants in hardship and potentially save the tenancy. By intervening before a tenant is evicted and assisting tenants we can save you stress, time and money in the process of eviction.


When you would use the service

Some examples of when you might use the Referral Service:

  • A tenant is consistently behind with their rent or other payments
  • Complaints from neighbours about a tenant, such as property and grounds not being maintained
  • A tenant is consistently showing signs of stress and not coping.

There is no need for your tenants to reach your 14 days in arrear list to refer them to REEP. With early intervention, arrears assistance can be offered to your tenant from as early as 3 days in arrears.

Assistance we can provide tenants

  • Accessing crisis payments if a tenant is behind in rent
  • Emergency help such as household goods
  • Financial counselling
  • Links to local services that support tenants, such as employment agencies, counselling and family support services
  • Information about Centrelink benefits

How to use the service

  • Go to the “REGISTER” link above
  • Create a free account and enter your details
  • Log-in and go to the Members area.
  • In the Members area you can send on-line referrals or download a referral form.