About Real Estate Engagement Project

Our Mission

We support new and existing tenants of local real estate agents to prevent them from becoming homeless.

What we do

We engage real estate agents at a local level to sustain tenancies. We intervene early and assist tenants in hardship before things get out of hand.

Who we target

Low to medium income earners who are currently renting in the private sector and find themselves facing eviction or hardship that threatens their tenancy.

Who we are

We are a working party of community and government agencies committed to developing relationships between real estate agents and services that work with the homeless and disadvantaged. The working party includes local community organisations, Department of Human Services – Centrelink, NSW Family and Community Services, Housing NSW and Community Housing providers.


In our first 12 months of operation, 43 tenancies were saved. This potentially saved participating real estate agencies $43,000 by avoiding eviction proceedings and $833,000 in potential loss of future earnings.

Our history

Established in 2012, the Real Estate Engagement project supports new and existing tenants of Real Estate agents to help prevent them from entering the homelessness service system. The Project uses a collaborative approach to address the needs of those at risk of homelessness, using existing resources of the service system.

The Project is built on an understanding of the needs of both sectors – community services sector and the real estate industry. The project works at finding the common ground between the two industries.

Supporting tenants benefits real estate agents. We can intervene before a tenant is evicted, saving stress, time and money in the process of eviction.

Supporting tenants who are struggling benefits the community service sector and government by preventing people entering the homelessness service system.